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Two smartphones comparing an old website next to an updating version of that website

Do you have a website?​

Can you remember when it was created or last updated? If your answer to that question is over 3-4 yours you might need a website redesign.  Why? You might ask. The lifespan of a webpage is generally around 3-4 yours before you need to get a website redesign. 

The main reason revolves around technology, as we can see all around us in today’s tech driven world you probably don’t have the same phone you had when your page was built, or the same tv, maybe not even the same car. Perhaps some business equipment, cash registers, computers, credit card processors, etc. Because there’s always new technology that makes the current one outdated. 

We provide various web design packages to get your website redesigned. Let’s take a glance at what every site should have and if yours is older than 5 years it might run the risk that it doesn’t have these key ingredients. Read on to learn more about the foundational elements that your site probably doesn’t have if it has been more than 5 years since it was designed or updated.

There are various other reasons for a website redesign, such as rebranding your business, moving your business into a new direction, new owners or management. But let’s address these technical areas first.

Old website shown before redesign New website showing after the redesign

Responsive Design​


A website redesign that addresses responsive design is important because responsiveness resizes and adjusts a site when it is viewed on different devices. Have you ever visited a site on your mobile phone and you had to zoom into read the page or scroll horizontally to see all of the content? If you have then it’s a safe bet that what you viewed wasn’t responsive. A responsive site, when viewed on mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops shows up in a way that each different device can deliver the content in easy to read and interact ways. This is vitally important for any business that is trying to generate leads or inform visitors. If your site doesn’t show up in a way that your visitors can read, understand, and interact, then it is not serving you or your business.

With every redesign we ensure the site is responsive.

Mobile responsive view of the WordPress Website Design for Shanes Browns Barbering

Security Measures​


As time goes by and technology advances and new security measures are put into place and adapted you can guarantee that malicious agents are hard at work finding vulnerabilities everywhere they can. Unfortunately it’s an ever evolving battle that everyone on the web is exposed to. Many of us have been victims of some sort of identity theft, hackers, scams, and viruses… you get the picture. 

Security is vital for every website. One of the easiest yet more pivotal things you can have on your website is an SSL certificate, simply put it encrypts data that is going to or leaving your website until it reaches it’s intended location and then it is unencrypted and the data is stored in a secure place or is served up to the user. This prevents anyone who is trying to intercept this data from using it. 

Website showing SSL lock in address bar

ADA/WCAG Compliance


You’ve probably heard of in a real world physical sense, such as commodities have to be accessible to people with disabilities, schools, libraries, banks, any public area, sidewalks, the list goes on. It’s a great thing to be able to know that someone with a disability will be able to access those things that everyone should have access to. You may have had to make accommodations to your business so that someone with a disability can access areas of your business. 

With the internet being accessible to everyone this has become a public space that *Everyone* should have access to and that includes anyone with a disability. 

Accessibility widget depicting various accessibility functions on a website

3rd Party Integrations

3rd party applications that can integrate with wordpress

Get more done with your website

A website redesign is a prefect time to start implementing some very useful integrations. As mentioned before, there are new technologies now as well as older technologies that are not as expensive to implement and now could be the best time to do what you wanted to do before, get an online shopping cart to sell your in-store items online, or maybe add a curbside pickup. Maybe you’d like to add a newsletter to your website or maybe you want to see how many leads you’re getting online. But you’ve never had the time or money to get these things going. Well we are offering all new Website Design Packages that fits all business types, big or small and they are affordable as well. 

Your website is an investment to your business, it’s also a way to show potential customers that you are serious about your business and gives you credibility. 

Ask yourself, if you needed to find a veterinarian right now and you didn’t have a clue about them you just searched local veterinarians on Google and it gave you a list of local veterinarians, how likely are you going to call up a veterinarian that doesn’t have a site? Personally I like to see maybe what their office looks like, maybe who the doctors are, some pictures, an idea of pricing and services they offer, and what their hours are, before I contact them.  If they don’t have a site, I tend to overlook them. If their site is a bad experience (not responsive, bad colors, hard to read) I’ll move onto the next available business with a site that shows me the information that I am seeking. 

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